National and transnational transport

We specialize in load transportation within points located both within and outside the country. We are highly experienced in secured import of goods from western countries – Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Our routes are checked and approved what makes our transport rapid and unimpeded.

We are able to take over the load up to 200 km away from the place of receipt. Our modern and unfailing fleet of vehicles consists of tractor units, trucks and tarpaulin trucks what enables the transport of both massive and small load.

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You can count on our professional outsourced storage service. There is a modern warehouse at your disposal with a storage capacity of a few thousand pallet space. In addition, we have a close cooperation with companies all over the Europe, what gives us access to many points at a very affordable price.

Customs service

The location of our company is a gateway to western Europe. Russia, Belarus or Ukraine are not part of the European Union what leads to complicated procedures with each transportation – it is no mystery for us. We offer you comprehensive custom service to enable untroubled transport of goods from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine and other countries as well.


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